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List of Blog Commenting Websites With Instant Approval

Do you want to rank higher in the Search Results? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Here at Paul Perez, we are going to give you a list of websites that accept blog commenting and you can make a powerful and high authority backlinks for your website.

Why You Need Comment Backlinks?

The question is, why you need comment backlinks? The answer is simple, for more backlinks and traffic. You know it very well that making link on any other website helps you improve your rankings in Google Search Results. Moreover it is an easy process, you don’t need a lot of time to make those backlinks. Just filling your name, email, website address and a good comment that is worth appreciating can land you powerful backlinks.

Benefits of Blog Commenting?

There are many benefits of blog commenting and the most commonly featured benefits are as follow:

  1. High Authority Links
  2. Improvement in Google Search Results
  3. Easy To Make
  4. Powerful Links in Just One Click
  5. Building Relationship
  6. Getting Traffic
  7. Increases DA and PA of your website

These are some cool benefits that you get when you comment on other people websites.

How To Make Comment Backlinks?

Making comment backlinks is very easy, just you have to fill the information including your Name, Email and the website address you are linking to.

Many people do a common mistake of entering the wrong username and email, this is a bad thing and most webmasters don’t like this thing, thus they don’t approve your comments. Make sure to enter your Real name, good looking email address and a spam free website to land high authority links.

I hope you have learned the basics of blog commenting and now it is time to give you the list of websites that approves comments instantly.

High Authority Websites List for Blog Commenting

You can easily make links on those websites and it is very easy, just open the website and enter good comments to make powerful links, here is the list:

This is the list of high authority websites on where you can easily make links. Just you have to fill the necessary information and you can make tons of high authority backlinks.


These were some basic tips and tricks to make comment backlinks. If you have any problem related to commenting, then feel free to ask inside the comments section of this website. We will try to help you in the comments section and happy blogging!